Crashplan - Recovering from a failed server update

This is the process to recover the server from a failed update. After you update your server, you may not be able to connect through the Crashplan admin console.

1)     Remote Desktop into the Crashplan server (SENJCPLAN01)
2)     Go to C:\ProgramData\PROServer\dumps and copy the newest file to the desktop
a.     This is the newest database dump that you should have created before upgrading the server
b.     Copying this file is optional, but it is a backup in case something goes wrong and you lose your dumps.
3)     Go to the Control Panel and uninstall Crashplan Server
4)     Download the correct version of Crashplan Server
5)     Install Crashplan Server
6)     On the server go to Start à All Programs à Code42 Server àAdmin Console
7)     When presented with the login screen, enter the Master License Key in the last field. Leave all other fields blank. Click Sign In
a.     DQqH15EeQ7jZ1rGw93mVhaZOHGv3KSZKUmcQ01DwQhaKafpgGvc0+SYJ867zlZJ28Rk/RNge69JbsHi/DR/7pP4KVwZgTycpclDFItkxQqpd2NxnJGXiRXwOoRSb2ih5Fo1txgA31cd1gsZrERW5UlmRqLFZqbou2sRNv9gNcro=
8)     Click Administration
9)     Click Settings on the left menu
10)   Click the gear menu in the top right
11)   Click Import Database

12)   Choose the newest database dump and click Submit


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