ManageEngine Analytics Plus SSL and Port Setup

Here are the instructions on how to change the default ports, and to apply an SSL certificate to a ManageEngine Analytics Plus website

Step 1: Change the default 8443 port

Analytics Plus is installed by default on port 8443 (Unless changed during installation). Now if you wish to change the port Analytics Plus uses, 

Please follow the below steps.
  1. Stop the Analytics Plus services (using Services.msc)
  2. Launch Command prompt as Administrator and browse to <Analytics Plus Home>\bin\
  3. Run the batch file 'changeHostPort.bat' with the below parameters.
  4. changeHostPort.bat <port number> true
  5. Once done, Start the Analytics Plus services under services.msc

Example (Lets try to change the port to 443):  
C:\ManageEngine\Ananlytics Plus\bin\> changeHostPot.bat 443 true


Step 2: Apply the new SSL cert

Generate your certificate and export in PFX format

Copy the pfx file (name.pfx) in the following locations and open the file 'server.xml' from the same following locations in a word pad.
Note: Please take a copy of the server.xml as a backup before making changes


Locate the below entries in the server.xml file.

keystorePass="accounts" keystoreFile="conf/server.keystore" 

Please replace the file name server.keystore with the pfx file name (name.pfx) and enter the keystoreType="pkcs12" after the file name. Also replace the keystorePass value 'accounts' with the password for the .pfx file.

The entries should look like this,

keystorePass="your pfx password" keystoreFile="conf/name.pfx" keystoreType="pkcs12"

Restart AnalyticsPlus services

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