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This is an SCCM report to generate a list of computers and their ages with additional info like last boot up time.
This report was created and tested for SCCM 2012 Current Branch

Create these parameters

  • Year - default value of %
  • OS - I used values of
    • %Workstation%
    • %Server%
  • GroupDomain - absolute values of the domain you are searching. I did this because I had more than one domain. the domain value should be in this format "domain\\" without the quotations/
  • AD_Group_Name - value of Domain Users. Default value of %
  • collectionID - SCCM computer collection IDs.  Use available values. Also put % as the default value
  • Domain - 

Then create this query in the Dataset

CS.Name0 as "Computer Name",
CS.User_Name0 as "User Name",
U.Full_User_Name0 as "User",
OS.Caption0 as "OS",
CS.AD_Site_Name0 as "AD Site",
YEAR (BIOS.ReleaseDate0) as Year, 
OS.LastBootUpTime0 as "Last Boot Up Time",
BIOS.SerialNumber0 as "Serial Number",
CU.Model0 as 'Model'

v_R_System CS
FULL join v_GS_PC_BIOS BIOS on BIOS.ResourceID = CS.ResourceID
FULL join v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM CU on CU.ResourceID = CS.ResourceID
FULL join dbo.v_R_User U on U.User_Name0 = CS.User_Name0
FULL join dbo.v_GS_OPERATING_SYSTEM OS on OS.ResourceID = CS.ResourceID
FULL join dbo.v_RA_User_UserGroupName UGN on U.ResourceID = UGN.ResourceID 

WHERE YEAR(BIOS.ReleaseDate0) Like @Year AND
CS.Operating_System_Name_and0 Like @OS AND
UGN.User_Group_Name0 Like ((@GroupDomain) + '%' + (@AD_Group_Name) + '%') AND
CU.Domain0 Like @Domain

Create a table with these fields

  • computer Name
  • User Name
  • User
  • AD Site
  • Year
  • Last Boot Up Time
  • Model
  • OS
  • Serial Number
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