SCCM Report - Computers with Less than 10 GB free space

This post gives you instructions on how to create a report that gives you computers with less than 10 GB of free space

Step 1 - Turn on Hardware Inventory Class

Go to your hardware inventory class, and under Logical Disk, turn on Free Space

Step 2 - Create the Query

Use this query in your report

SELECT distinct
SYS.Name as [Computer Name],
LDISK.Description0 as [Disk Type],
LDISK.DeviceID0 as [Drive Letter],
LDISK.VolumeName0 as [Volume Name],
LDISK.FileSystem0 as [File System],
LDISK.Size0 as [Size (GB)],
LDISK.FreeSpace0 as [Free Space (GB)]
v_FullCollectionMembership_Valid SYS
join v_GS_LOGICAL_DISK LDISK on SYS.ResourceID = LDISK.ResourceID
WHERE LDISK.DriveType0 = 3
AND LDISK.FreeSpace0 <=10 
and sys.CollectionID = 'SMS00001'

Step 3 - Format your report

To make computers with less than 5 GB free space turn orange in the report, use this query in the text box properties under Fill Color:

=IIF(Fields!Free_Space__GB_.Value <= 5, "Orange", "White")


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