Restart a SharePoint Service Using PowerShell

Some services in SharePoint cannot be restarted through the GUI. In the instance that I recently needed to do, it was the ReportingService. So to accomplish this, I needed to use PowerShell.

  1. Open SharePoint Management Shell as admin
  2. Get the GUID of the service by doing: 
    1. Get-SPServiceInstance
    2. Make sure you note the GUID of the service. Copy it to the clipboard.
  3. Stop the service by doing this
    1. Stop-SPServiceInstance -identity <Paste Your GUID Here>
  4. Wait a moment, and then restart the service by doing this
    1. Start-SPServiceInstance -identity <Paste Your GUID Here>
  5. Check to make sure the service is running by doing this
    1. Get-SPServiceInstance -identity <Paste Your GUID Here>
Then check to make sure the service is running by going into SharePoint and doing something that uses the service. If it's the Reporting Service as it was in my case, run a report.

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