Stop email impersonation in SharePoint 2016

In SharePoint 2016, some features send emails as the user. If you want to block impersonation, use the powershell command below:

Some SharePoint features impersonate end users when sending email to personalize the message. For example, when a user requests access to a site, SharePoint will set the "From" address of the email notification as the user who made the request.
Some SMTP servers may block impersonation to protect users from unauthorized attempts to spoof their identities. If your SMTP server blocks impersonation, you can now configure each SharePoint web application to disable this behavior. This will ensure that SharePoint always uses the "From" address that is specified at the web application level.
Follow these steps to disable SharePoint email impersonation:
  1. Launch the SharePoint 2016 Management Shell.
  2. Run the following commands:
    $webapp = Get-SPWebApplication
    $webapp.OutboundMailOverrideEnvelopeSender = $true

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