Do not start with results in a SharePoint 2016 Search Webpart


I had a need to create a page with a search webpart on it, but I didn't want to show results as the default to begin with on the page. 

To accomplish this, in the search results query I changed this:

{searchboxquery} path:"*"

to this:

\\{searchboxquery?} path:"*" 

This makes it so that there are no default search results when the page is loaded, but it gives results when something is entered into the search box.

Taking it a step further, when the page is loaded, it gives an error that there are no search results. I wanted to remove that. So I did that by adding this CSS into a script editor webpart:



display: none;

visibility: hidden;



Now, I only get results when something is entered into the search box, and no error message if there are no results.


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