Power Apps - Add in user permission validation for controls


For a power Apps project, I needed certain controls to only be visible for Owners and Co-Owners of the app, and not be visible for Users. I had some administrative functions I wanted to hide. This is how I went about doing that.

1) Add Data Sources

I added in "Power Apps for Makers", and "Office 365 Users" to my data sources for the app.

2) Create a Variable to get all the role assignments

I created a variable that gets set "OnVisible" for the screen using the code below. You will need to replace the app ID with the App Id for your project.

            User: properties.principal.email,
            Role: properties.roleName
    User = Office365Users.MyProfileV2().mail

3) Check the signed in User's role assignment in the Visibility section of the control

In the control visibility, paste in this code:

If(varPermissions="Owner" || varPermissions="CanEdit",true,false)

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