SharePoint Online: Set Admin for many sites using PowerShell


This simple script lets you set an admin for multiple sites listed in a CSV file. It is helpful for when you want to perform admin actions on multiple sites 

$SPAdminURL = ""
Connect-SPOService -Url $SPAdminURL
#$siteInfo = Get-SPOSite -Limit ALL |Select GroupId, URL
$siteInfo = Import-CSV C:\SWSetup\SharepointSites.csv
$AcctName = ""
foreach ($s in $siteInfo)
  Set-SPOUser -Site $s.URL -IsSiteCollectionAdmin $true -LoginName $AcctName

When you are finished, re-run the script, changing the $true to $false in Set-SPOUser.

If you have a O365 group to set as the owner, it's a little more complicated. Here is the script to do that:

$SPAdminURL = ""
Connect-SPOService -Url $SPAdminURL
Connect-PnPOnline -Url $SPAdminURL -Interactive
$siteInfo = Get-SPOSite -Limit ALL |Select GroupId, URL
#$siteInfo = Import-CSV C:\SWSetup\SharepointSites.csv
#Multiple Sites with Group Owner
Function EnsureLoginName($userOrGroupName) {
    $web = Get-PnPWeb
    $userOrGroup = $web.EnsureUser($userOrGroupName)
    Return $userOrGroup.LoginName

$GroupName = EnsureLoginName "SharePoint Admins"
foreach ($s in $siteInfo)
{    Write-Host $s.Url
     Set-SPOUser -Site $s.URL -IsSiteCollectionAdmin $true -LoginName $GroupName   


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