BitLocker is suspended error

Error message says that BitLocker is suspended, and you cannot start the encryption process.

This sometimes happens if the computer was not joined to the domain when BitLocker was run. This can happen if a computer is imaged and there was a problem joining the domain.

1)     Open an elevated command prompt
2)     Enter in “manage-bde –off c:” and press enter to remove the BitLocker encryption.

3)     Wait for decryption to finish

1)     Download EnableBitlocker.vbs
2)     Create this batch file and put it in the same directory
@echo off

REM ----------------------------------------------------------------------
REM  BitLocker Prerequisite Checker
REM  Created By: Tom DeMeulenaere
REM  Created For: Travel Leaders Group
REM  Created Date: 05/17/2013
REM  Description: This script runs certain processes that are necessary
REM     to turn on BitLocker Encryption. The following script;
REM        1) Turns on the TPM chip
REM        2) Takes ownership of the TPM chip
REM        3) Creates the BitLocker partition
REM        4) Notifies the user to reboot the computer
REM -----------------------------------------------------------------------

REM -----------Makes a directory to store the BitLocker log files in------------
mkdir c:\SWSetup

REM ------------Creates the Bitlocker partition by shrinking the C drive----------------
%windir%\sysnative\BdeHdCfg.exe -target c: shrink -size 300 -quiet

REM ------------Turns on the TPM Chip-------------------
%windir%\sysnative\manage-bde -tpm -TurnOn

REM ------------Takes Ownership of the TPM chip--------------
%windir%\sysnative\manage-bde -tpm -TakeOwnership TLTPMp@ss

REM ------------ Run Bitlocker Encryption  ----------------
cscript "%~dp0EnableBitLocker.vbs" /on:tpm /l:C:\SWsetup\Bitlocker.log

REM --------Notifies the user to reboot the computer---------
REM cscript "%~dp0msg.vbs"

REM -----------Return exit code to SCCM------------------ 
exit /B %EXIT_CODE% 
3)     Package and install from the software center

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