Packaging Adobe Reader

SCCM 2012 - Packaging Adobe Reader

Get the MSI
1)     Go to and download the correct MAJOR version of adobe acrobat (10.0, 11.0, etc.) as an MSI file
2)     Download the correct MSP file
b.    Scroll down to the Updates section
c.     Find the latest update and download it.
3)     Extract the MSI file from the EXE
a.     Open a command prompt and browse to the EXE
b.    Run the command:
AdbeRdr11007_en_US.exe -nos_oC:\SWSetup\reader -nos_ne
c.     Go to the folder you extracted the file to and get the msi file
4)     Edit the MSI file in the Adode Customization Wizard to create an MST file.
Slipstream the Update
5)     Open an elevated command prompt
6)     Go the directory with the installation files
7)     Extract the MSI file to an Administrative Installation Point (AIP) by running:
msiexec /qb /a "%msi%" TARGETDIR="%aip%"
-    Where %msi% is the MSI file
-    And %aip% is the location where you will extract the MSI
8)     Copy the MSP and MST files to the directory where you extracted the MSI to the AIP
9)     In your command prompt, navigate to the AIP
10)  Run the following command:
msiexec /qb /a "%msi%" /p "%msp%"
-    Where %msi% is the MSI file in the AIP
-    Where %msp% is the MSP file
Create the Package
11)  Upload the AIP folder with the MSP and MST files to a network location.
12)  Go to SCCM console
13)  Go to Software tab
14)  Right click on Applications
15)  Click Create application
16)  Create an application using the location of the file share that you uploaded the MSI file to
17)  To apply the patch to the MSI file, add TRANSFORMS="AcroRead.mst" to the installation path
msiexec /i "AcroRead.msi" TRANSFORMS="AcroRead.mst" /q
18)  Distribute the package the distribution point(s)

19)  Deploy the application to a computer collection.
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